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Mikeís Beach Body Diet Ė Short Term Results That Will Make You will Proud to Show your Body of at the Beach!

Aims of the Beach Body Diet:

I think we should agree on our aims first as a good starting point to our Beach Body Diet. Our aims is obviously to look good in our swimming trunks and bikinis but what do we mean buy that exactly:

1) Low enough body fat to show those abs of for the men and to show a slender body for the women;

2) Good shape and muscle definition as opposed to just looking like small or like a bag of bones;

3) A flat stomach as opposed to one that may look toned but still be round and protruding;

4) Cleary visible definition as opposed to looking soft and rounded which can happen from the wrong type of dieting.

The hardest part of attaining that beach body and certainly the part that takes the longest to attain is a low body fat through dieting. That is achieved through slow and steady fat loss over a period of weeks, months or even years depending on your starting point. Not much point in discussing that here when itís summer now and that all important trip to the beach is a week away. Thatís where my Short Term Beach Body Diet Plan comes in. Please be warned that the results of this are short term, but what do you expect after a week or less!

The Beach Body Diet Basics that we are going to cover are a Health Warning, Water Weight, Short Term Muscle Gains, A Flat Stomach and Highlighting Your Definition.

Health Warning

Short term weight loss is dangerous, the weight will certainly come back once you come of the diet and using some of the strategies explained within this Beach Body Diet Plan will be harmful if used long term. Mainly the first point on shifting water weight mentioned below.

Step one of the beach body diet: Water Weight

The quickest way to shift body weight and add definition is by getting rid of excess water. I donít recommend doing this long term or using any specially designed bodybuilding type diuretic as dehydration can be very dangerous. However, most people have excess water that they can shift before that trip to the beach. The difference it makes will surprise you! Did you know that bodybuilders will always shift excess water before a competition as an important way of brining out extra definition. Excess water is also a main cause of cellulite. As far at the Beach Body Diet is concerned I want you to do the following:

Do not eat any ready made micro meals or instant Ďjust add hot waterí type meals for 7 days before your trip to the beach; Do not add any salt to your meals; Avoid anything else you come across that is high in salt like bacon; Drink 3 litres of water a day minimum. Spaced out through out the day.

Why? Your body needs salt to store water. By cutting it down for a week the excess water will be flushed away. Drinking lots of water may sound like a strange way of getting rid of excess water but as all the water you are drinking passes through your body it actually takes salt with it. Really helping to get rid of that extra water weight.

Step two of the beach body diet: Short Term Muscle Gains

You canít gain much muscle in a week but there is a strategy that I know as ĎCarbing Upí that will bring out your muscles for up to about 5 days. It is best done about 2 days before your trip to the beach. That includes the girls if you want to increase definition lines to your stomach, legs, arms and shoulders.

Our muscles store processed food (known as ATP) to provide them with the energy they need when performing anaerobic exercise (exercise without oxygen). So your muscles arenít just muscle fibres. By increasing these stores your muscles will look bigger until these stores return to their normal size. For this part of the beach body diet you need to get yourself down to your local gym and work the muscles you are targeting. You will be doing a relatively high rep work out. This will increase blood flow to the muscles you have used for a few hours after the workout. Within those few hours you must eat as many fast releasing carbohydrate rich foods along with a bit of protein. Make sure you continue to eat well for that day and do not do any cardio exercise such as running or any other strenuous activity that may detract from your pump. When you wake up the next day the muscles you worked will look bigger. But remember this is temporary, its not the best way to add muscle permanently and itís certainly not the best way to loose fat permanently! The weight you lift must be lifted for between 10 to 15 repetitions using a weight that is heavy enough to cause you to not be able to lift the weight up again for another single rep. Weight 60 seconds between each set. Use exercises that target lost of muscles for better results like the bench press and squat. If you donít experience an almost immediate pump during your workout then you are not working hard enough. If you like the look of veins in your muscles then drinking a full carton of pomegranate juice an hour before your workout will bring them out.

Step three of the beach body diet: A Flat Stomach

Good digestion is important but it also affects the shape of our body from our stomach to the end of our intestines. For the seven days running up to your trip to the beach no bread, no buns or anything starchy that will remain in the intestines. Get yourself some Activia Yogurts and eat two of them a day to give your digestion a real kick. Drinking coffee helps to and also helps lower your water retention. Lower the amount of carbs you eat each day to help make the stomach look better and again this helps with reducing water retention. Finally, obviously donít pig out the day you go the beach!!

Step four of the Beach Body Diet: Highlighting Your Definition

You may be going the beach to get a tan but the more of a tan you have before you get there the better your shape will look. Pale skin reflects bright light making it look smoother and rounder. Darker skin looks more hard and defined so a trip to the sun bed shop wonít hurt.

The best and final tip is what I class as no less then a wonder supplement. I use it all the time and it helps bring our my abs more then all the sit ups I could ever do. It is called CLA (short for Conjugated linoleic acid). It helps shift fat specifically from the abs as well as whole load of other useful features. Iíve tried a lot of supplements over the years and CLA is the best safe and legal supplement. It wonít make you any lighter on the scales, it redistributes that fat. Unless you are on a fat loss diet in which case it does help lower fat. If you are trying to gain muscle it helps build muscle too. I noticed the results within days and have recommended to other people who have experienced the same. Including my Girlfriend! If you want to buy some you can get if online from Holland and Barrett. You should also do some research on Google if you are unsure.

And that is it for the beach body diet plan. It is more useful information that will help you take the right steps then a step by step plan that may limit you to foods you donít like and meal times and amounts that are not right for you. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Especially if you have tried the plan for a whole week. Any feedback would help me write better articles in the future.

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