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You Don’t Need Steroids – Say No to Steroids

Steroids are in common use these days and have been used for over 50 years.

A Different Type of Steroid Cycle

The majority of muscular men you will see at the gym with low percentages of body fat will be using steroids. When asked, a lot of them deny it. This has caused people’s perception of what can be achieved without steroids to be hugely inaccurate.

Therefore when a young man starts going the gym he sees that he isn’t built like a brick wall after a year. He believes, possibly subconsciously, that he is inferior in some way. Guess what he does next, goes on steroids. Sometimes after a while said individual may even believe that maybe the steroids didn’t help that much and a lot of was down to other things that he now does right such as lifting right and eating right.

The next part is even worse, the next kid comes along and asks if he used steroids. The man says no because it is his dirty little secret and he believes that no one else had to use them so he best deny it.

The cycle continues. A lot of people may disagree with what I’m saying. People often claim on forums and within video comments to have gained 30+ lbs of muscle a year. Advertisers promise this and more with there supplements. Someone told me on a forum that they gained 40lb of muscle naturally in their first year and that I must be doing something wrong if I don’t believe that is possible. Now I would like to disprove this using some simple numbers. I’m also going to clarify any assumptions this is based on.

Natural bodybuilding competitions, at the time of writing, have prizes of tens of thousands of pounds. So I am going to make the assumption that this is enough to entice some of the best and most gifted natural bodybuilders that do not use steroids to enter. The prize money is always on the increase. What I’m trying to say is that if Joe Blogs at your gym who is twice the size of these guys was natural, like he says he is, he would probably pop in and hit a few poses some time unless he is already earning more then tens of thousands of pounds a day!

The natural bodybuilding competitions are split in to weight classes. A quick search on Google for “Natural Bodybuilder Weight Class” shows this site: which lists the weight classes as follows:

Bantam Weight up to 150 lbs
Lightweight 150– 165
Welterweight 165 – 175
Middle weight 175 – 185
Light Heavy Weight 185 – 195
Heavy Weight 195+

My second assumption is that the individuals in the lightest weight class were obviously light framed individuals to start of with (excluding fat and muscle), the people in Middle Weight were probably average and the heavy weight people where heavy to start of with.

Looking at the middle weight group, their weight is 175 – 185. These are only estimates but they still reveal important information about how much “average Joe” can gain at the gym. These are national competing bodybuilders lets not forget. The average male you would be surprised to know, ways about 180 lbs. The same as these middleweight guys!!

The middleweight contestants have about 3% body fat, the average male of average weight has about 16% fat according to various sources online. So he has to lose 13% of his fat and gain it back in muscle. 13% of 180 lbs is 23.4 lb. That’s a life time achievement of 23.4 lbs of muscle gain when ripped. They probably have more like 30 lbs of muscle before they try and cut their weigh down to competition weight, dieting causes muscle loss.

** where is Mr 40 lbs of muscle in his first year now!? **

These measurements are far from scientific and are based on different versions of “average” but even if I am of by as much as 100% that still only 46.8 lbs of muscle gain as the lifetime achievement to date by a competing ripped natural bodybuilder. If you gained 10 lb of lean muscle per year and I am 100% of in my calculations then you would be there within 5 years.

The important message I am trying to get across is that 10 lb of muscle gain per year for a natural bodybuilder is an excellent result. That’s less than 1lb per month. Too little to make it worth while trying to weigh yourself every month.

I think steroids in moderation for recreational bodybuilders isn’t that bad. Denying it is. It drastically warps people’s perception of what is possible naturally. People wouldn’t lie if they knew how absurd their lies actually were. You should not compare your achievements as a natural bodybuilder to other steroid users at your gym, you’re playing a completely different ball game.

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