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No Whey! Why Whey Protein Powder is not Worth your Money, it's just BAD

Whey protein is designed to be fast absorbing. It is true that is has a great amino acid profile, about the same as eggs for most commercial products. This is means that the makeup of the protein in Whey is similar to the protein in our muscle so therefore in theory we should be able to utilise lots of it.

The problem is that Whey protein is too fast absorbing. It is absorbed at a rate of about 10 grams per hour. Compare this to Casein which is 6 grams per hour and eggs which is only 1.6 grams per hour.

The problem is, absorbing protein is not the same as utilizing it. If our bodies utilised 1 gram of protein every hour then that would be 24 grams of protein gain per day, which is 8.7kg or about 20 lbs of protein per year. Muscle is about 30% protein so this would mean you would gain over 60 lbs of muscle a year and be ready for your first professional bodybuilding competition at the end of 2 years.

Some protein absorbed is used for repairing damaged muscle so the above isn’t completely true but you get the idea, we don’t need much protein per hour but you do need a consistent supply.

Let’s say you have a shake that contains 20 grams of whey protein. That protein will be gone in 2 hours. It will have been used either for energy or converted and stored as fat. Protein shakes are not a cheap way of supplying yourself with energy and you are better of using a slow releasing source like oats anyway.

A 20 gram shake of casein protein on the other hand will provide protein for 3 and a bit hours at which point you can top up so you are able to build muscle through more of the day and even more importantly at night which is when the most muscle repair and growth takes place.

When our bodies use protein for energy it also causes increased dehydration which is bad for your health and fitness.

Ideally whenever you take protein it should be with carbs as our bodies will always break down protein if it needs the energy so it is best to have some carbs to get your blood sugar levels up at the same time.

The counter argument for whey protein is that is apparently has an anabolic affect on the body and that more of it is absorbed when we perform weight training workouts so I personally use a shake with Whey in before and after a workout but that is the only time.

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